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Live Video Chat Magic Lessons for Kids 
(Ages 8-13)
My kids really enjoyed their magic lesson and can't wait for the next one, Thank you!
Cindy Johnson
This was awesome! He really enjoyed his lesson and is already asking when the next class is.
Libby Conn
How does it work?

Video Chat Magic Lessons

It's easy, it's super fun!
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How it works
Each lesson is 30 minutes. Your child joins a video chat and receives a fun magic lesson taught by a professional magician.

What will they learn?
The children learn amazing magic tricks, cool stunts, clever puzzles and fun illusions. They will also learn about famous magicians of the past!

There will be lots to do between lessons, too! 
Fun crafts and challenges will keep the kids busy between lessons in addition to practicing the tricks they have learned.

The lessons are interactive. Students can ask questions and each lesson is customized depending on the age and ability of the participants.

What Do I Need?
Almost any device with a camera and microphone will work – laptop, Chromebook, iPad, tablet, phone. You join the video chat using a regular browser (Chrome works best). 


Learn Magic Live!

Video Chat Magic Lessons. Super fun for kids aged 8-13
Your Teacher

Meet Your Teacher

James Munton is a professional magician who has
entertained over one million children!
James Munton

James Munton is a professional magician who has appeared on ABC, NBC and Fox News. He has been featured in articles in the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

James has appeared at some of the most prestigious addresses in the United States, including the homes of ambassadors and members of Congress. He has performed for Vice President Cheney and appeared at the White House three times. Born in London, England, James apprenticed with a local magician and after graduating from college, began performing professionally in 1992.

His entertaining, wholesome family-oriented brand of entertainment has been a hit with children and adults ever since.

James visits over 100 schools and libraries each year as the Spy Magician James Wand and has performed for over one million children!


Frequently Asked Questions

Each magic lesson is 30 minutes.

Save money by booking multiple lessons:
$22 for one lesson
$19 per lesson (course of four lessons)
$16 per lesson (course of eight lessons)

Any device with a camera and microphone should work: laptop, Chromebook, iPad, tablet, phone.

The best setup is for your child to sit at the kitchen table and have the device propped up, so that they have their hands free.

It’s also helpful for your child to wear headphones or earbuds.

No. I send you a web link about ten minutes before the lesson. Just open the link in a browser to join the lesson (Chrome works best). 

You do not need to buy any special props. The magic lessons use everyday items you should already have at home.

Here are some of the items we will use: playing cards, Ziploc bags, rubber bands, printer paper, scissors, pens, coins, kitchen foil. 

If you don’t have a particular item, it is no problem.

Each class has a maximum of three children.

There are three student spots per class, one device per spot.

If your children share a device you will only be charged for one spot.

Your children will learn fun magic tricks using everyday objects. Over the course of the lessons, they will learn the principles of magic, including sleight-of-hand, misdirection and how to be entertaining. They will enjoy hearing stories about famous magicians of the past. 

Your teacher is a professional magician with many years of experience teaching children of all ages. Most importantly your children are guaranteed to have lots of FUN!

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